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The photographs below show the worn or broken items (Before) brought into my workshop and how I have restored them to their original condition (After).

Please note, photographs do not always do justice to the intricacies of the repairs and are not always able to show the finer details.

By clicking on each photo it will expand to give you more detail.

Restored a broken and dented candelabra back into its original condition.

This required fine soldering and polishing to deliver an A1 repair.

"I cant believe how well you have restored it"

Dented Candelabra Restored Candelabra

In this example, a badly worn, split and dented silver walking stick top.

Restored to A1 condition with walking stick vesta compartment.

A family heirloom restored to its original glory.

Badly Split Walking Stick Restored Walking Stick

This claret jug had a split handle and was badly dented.

Removed from base, silver soldered, remove dents, refitted, polished and restored to original condition.

"Thank you Gerald for restoring our claret jug back to its original condition. We took a photo of it on our living room carpet!"

Claret Jug With Split Handle Restored Claret Jug

Elephant pin cushion. As you can see from the left hand photo the pin cushion was badly split and worn.

Removed dents, soldered splits, fitted base and supplied cushion.

The elephant was actually one of many animal pin cushions, including swans and pigs. Restored the full collection!

Badly Split Elephant Pin Cushion Restored Elephant Pin Cushion

Silver picture frame in poor condition with a missing rest piece.

As is the case with most of the items I receive, this particular frame had a lot of sentimental value for the owner.

View from the back. Fitted new top hinge, supplied oak and aged wooden rest piece to match.

Damaged Silver Picture Frame Restored Silver Picture Frame

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